Meet Hofy.

Making remote working work.

Streamlined, scalable WFH management

Remote work management is a cross-team effort, incorporating skills and knowledge across HR ops, facilities, IT, legal and finance. Hofy is redefining the way organisations oversee their remote and hybrid workplaces. We centralise and automate WFH management processes so businesses can focus on what they do best.

Who Hofy helps


Lead a happy and productive workforce. Centralise people operations. Cut operational costs.

People Ops & Leaders

Onboard remote joiners. Equip teams effortlessly. Deliver brilliant employee experiences.


Set equipment policies. Make sure everyone gets what they need - automatically.


Centralise H&S risk reduction and compliance admin. Automate asset tracking.


Forget about expense reports. Turn equipment from a capital expense into an operating expense.


Be confident that all H&S risks, from DSE to assembly and maintenance, are covered by Hofy.

Pioneering a greener way of working

The environmental benefits of remote work are huge - especially at scale. Organisations that allow their employees to work from home, even part-time, can downsize their offices to significantly reduce office footprint, as well as their employees’ carbon footprints by reducing or eliminating commuting.

At Hofy, we are proud to be leading the way as a remote-first organisation. And we are committed to making home office provisioning a waste-free process.

According to sustainable waste reduction charity WRAP, only 14% of office chairs are reused or recycled in some way, with the remaining 86% largely sent to landfill. Hofy operates on a “never to landfill” policy - we make sure all equipment is redeployed or donated to charity at the end of rental terms, or when employees leave mid-term. We do our best to minimise the environmental impacts of our deliveries, too. We never make unnecessary journeys - all Hofy orders are delivered in one go.

Our suppliers

We’re proud to partner with leading global suppliers bringing you choice, quality, compliance and value.

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