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One size does
not fit all.

Configure your WFH programme, your way. Enjoy complete visibility, control, and great employee experiences - without the admin.

Set the rules once, Hofy deals with the rest

Create custom equipment policies, set budgets and choose purchase or rental options to suit your organisation’s needs.

Meet every team’s needs

Design a custom policy for each team and seniority level, as well as special H&S requirements. Assign employees to one or multiple teams.

Choose how and what to pay

Avoid surprises. Set budgets and chose to rent or buy equipment. Add products to your approved list manually, or auto-add all products within your preferred budget.

Less admin, less risk

Rent for between 6 and 36 months, with the option to buy for a nominal fee. Renting avoids the tax reporting, admin, and H&S risks of owning or gifting equipment to employees.

One-time setup

Pre-approve individual products or auto-approve all products within your budget. Employees can browse and request products from your organisation’s private webstore.

Product Director at TrueLayer

My new desk chair arrived fast and fully assembled. Compared to my kitchen chair, the difference is night and day - I can already feel my posture improving. And it looks super stylish.

Choice for your teams

Control should not mean lack of choice. Let employees choose from 1,000s of products and styles without breaking a sweat, or the bank.

Something for every home

Choice by design. Hofy’s curated product selection meets all professional and domestic H&S regulations. Employees can choose from 1,000s of styles to find what’s right for them.

Custom-branded deliveries

Build brand pride at home. Hofy can customise packaging and welcome packs to make first days extra special for WFH onboardings. Equipment is delivered assembled or assembled onsite.

Bank your progress to date

Hofy supplements your existing efforts: add existing equipment you have already provided to Hofy. Track ad-hoc, off-platform purchases through Hofy too.

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