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How does Hofy work?

Hofy lets you efficiently and cost-effectively provide home offices to your teams while remaining compliant with health and safety and tax regulations, and providing brilliant home working experiences.

Set up takes less than 15 minutes. Create teams, define equipment and spend policies for each team, and invite your employees to the platform. You can then order equipment for team members, or audit requests in one click. Hofy pre-assembles, delivers, and installs equipment in your employees’ homes. 

You can use the Hofy platform to manage equipment requests, deliveries, staff joiners and leavers, repairs, DSE, billing and more, for all remote employees.

What products do you offer?

Furniture, IT, peripherals and accessories. Think ergonomic chairs, desks, monitors, keyboards, headsets, mice, printers, and accessories such as desk lamps, standing mats, screen mounts, desk risers, and more.

Our curated webstore is designed to suit any desk-based profession and budget. For more information on our products, see home offices.

Is there a minimum order size?

No. Hofy allows you to order equipment as and when it’s required by your team and still access great prices. For example, when team members join or leave your organisation, or require replacement or upgraded home office equipment.


Why is Hofy health and safety compliant?

Hofy only stocks ergonomic products which meet HSE standards for desk-based work. All Hofy equipment is professionally assembled and installed onsite.

We have also built home-specific Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments into the Hofy platform, so employers can easily meet their duty of care to home workers. For more information, see DSE and ergonomics.

Are your products compliant with fire safety regulations for domestic use?

Yes. All of Hofy’s products are compliant with fire safety regulations for domestic use, unlike most upholstered office chairs in the market, which are only approved for office use. 

We work with manufacturers to ensure all products meet the compulsory and stringent BS5852 Crib5 requirements.

Do you offer DSE assessments?

Yes. We’ve built an online DSE self-assessment that users can take in both home and office environments. There’s no limit on the number of assessments employees can take - the DSE is included free within the Hofy platform. 

Managers can view all team members’ results on the DSE admin panel. We automatically flag workstation risks, so managers know who needs additional equipment or a follow-up ergonomist consultation.

For more information, see DSE and ergonomics.

Why is Hofy tax compliant?

If an employee leaves a company, any equipment that they keep (e.g. a home office set-up) is considered a taxable benefit from the company. The employer must either deduct the tax from the employee’s pay, recover the equipment, or adjust the employee’s salary to offset the tax owed.

Hofy solves this problem by renting equipment to the company and recovering it when the employee leaves.

Renting and purchasing

Should I rent or purchase equipment for my remote teams?

This ultimately comes down to ownership. If you purchase equipment, you need to decide whether your business will own it, or whether it will be gifted to the employee. 

If you (the business) owns the equipment, you are responsible for tracking it on financial statements, maintaining and insuring it. You may also be liable for any accidents arising from the assembly or use of the equipment. If you gift the equipment to your employee, the tax authority may treat it as a cash gift to the employee. So you may need to track it on your payroll reporting, and there may be tax or national insurance charges on the equipment. Both purchase options involve risk and admin. 

Rental solves all of these issues, which is why most of Hofy’s customers choose to rent home office equipment. Rental of equipment used exclusively for work can be treated as a business expense. You don’t have to report it in your financial statements, or in the employee's payroll. Hofy owns the equipment for the duration of the rental, so we're responsible for repairing or replacing the equipment. This is why we offer a 3-business-day onsite repair or replacement promise.

After your rental agreement, you can choose to keep the equipment for a nominal fee.

Can I purchase some items, and rent others?

Yes. Your company webstore is set to your default rental term. But when you, or an employee, adds an item to an order, you’ll be given the option to change the item’s rental term or purchase the item outright.

Our customers often purchase low-value peripherals and accessories - such as mice, keyboards and headsets - but rent larger, high-value equipment - such as chairs, desks, or any mains powered equipment, such as monitors, task-lights and shredders.

What is the minimum rental term?

The minimum contract length is 6 months.

You can set your rental term to between 6 and 36 months.

When does my rental term start?

Rental terms start the day your equipment is delivered.

What happens at the end of my rental term?

You can extend your rental for as long as you need the equipment. Once it is no longer needed, we will recover all items.

Your team members can purchase the items from us at the end of the rental and keep them indefinitely, if they wish.

What if a team member leaves before the end of the minimum contract term?

If your contract is 12 months or longer, we’ll provide a discount on the outstanding contract balance.

The level of discount will depend on how many months of the contract have elapsed. We do not provide any discounts for early termination on our 6-month contracts.


What is the delivery lead time?

IT equipment, accessories and the most popular furniture models are delivered in under 5 business days. For urgent deliveries, we offer an express service.

Specialist furniture items, such as highly-adjustable chairs, and some less in-demand colours, take between 2 and 5 weeks to be delivered.

Can you deliver during lockdown?

Yes. We have a contactless delivery option in place.

Which regions do you cover?

Hofy covers the whole of the UK and Ireland. We also cover France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Portugal.

Need coverage outside these regions? Get in touch.

What type of business is Hofy for?

Do you work with large companies?

Yes. Hofy specialises in helping large organisations manage their remote workplaces across Europe. 

Hofy has an extensive supplier and logistics network, which means we can deploy up to 500 home offices per day to assist large and rapidly growing companies. 

We also work with small to medium-sized businesses.

What if team members only work 1-2 days per week from home?

No problem. Hofy provides a positive return on investment for team members who work from home very occasionally, say 1-2 days per month, as well as for those fully remote.

Employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for home workers as for any other workers, even if they only work from home occasionally. Hofy helps you track equipment and DSE assessments for all employees, so you can meet your compliance obligations, without hassle.

What if some team members already have home office equipment?

No problem. Let us know what equipment your team members already have and we’ll help you upload this information to their profiles, so you have complete asset tracking for all your team members on the Hofy platform.

Do you cater to team members with special requirements?

Yes. Our webstore includes highly-adjustable chairs, desks, monitor arms and specialist keyboards and mice.

Can’t find something you need? Let us know and we’ll source it.

What if someone needs an ergonomist to review their set-up or provide guidance?

No problem. We can arrange for either a virtual or in-person appointment with a DSE-qualified ergonomist, including DSE assessment follow ups.


Do you offer on-site repairs?

Yes. All our products are covered by our onsite warranty. 

Our typical call-out time is 3 business days. But depending on your region, we may be there to get you sorted same-day!

Are the products you provide new?

All input devices, such as mice, keyboards and headsets, are new.

For other product categories, we occasionally provide pre-loved products*, but only when they are in impeccable ‘like-new’ condition.

*We will only be providing new products for hygiene reasons during the COVID-19 crisis.

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