Effortless WFH

Realise the business benefits of WFH. Reduce admin time by 90% and seamlessly scale your operations as and when needed, without blowing your budget.

Save thousands of hours

Swap the supplier-wrangling, requirements gathering and on/offboarding, for Hofy’s one-click solution.

Streamlined approvals

Approve every equipment request in one click. Know who made the request, whether they already have equipment in the same category. Revisit the audit trail anytime.

Asset tracking

Know who’s got what and when it got there. Get summary reports on the equipment you have deployed. Drill down to an individual team member’s profile to see their active products and order history.

One click onsite repairs

Replace or repair equipment within 10-business-days with Hofy’s onsite promise. Most employees don't have spare office equipment at home, so resolving issues properly is critical.

General Manager at Trailfinders

It takes us 30 seconds to process everyone’s requests in one go with Hofy!

Hofy grows with your organisation

Hofy lets you effortlessly grow or shrink your WFH programme, expand it internationally or extend it to new equipment categories.

Grow and shrink on demand

Invite new hires to your organisation to trigger the equipment provisioning process. Off-board employees in one click. Hofy automatically collects their equipment.

Consistent international offering

Provide a consistent employee experience. You can use Hofy to onboard, offboard and request onsite repairs - wherever your employees work.

Give your equipment a second life

Get more out of your equipment. When off-boarding an employee, you can opt for Hofy to redistribute the equipment to other team members, or to your office.

Less admin, less cost, less tax

Minimise and automate financial reporting. With Hofy, all WFH data is in one place for your finance team to run with. Finish reporting on time, every time.

Minimise financial reporting

Avoid financial reporting and tax implications of purchasing equipment or gifting it to employees. Rent instead of purchasing, and automatically recover leavers' equipment.

Stop chasing receipts

Get a single, clear statement each month. Save your finance team thousands of hours on expense report processing related to WFH equipment purchases, repairs and refunds.

Save employees money

Let employees pay for business expenses from their pre-tax income. Export data on employee spend on Hofy into your payroll suite. Save your teams up to 47%. - coming soon.

Hofy vs offering a cash stipend

Providing a cash allowance or reimbursing out-of-pocket expenses for WFH equipment is costly and cumbersome. Hofy makes it faster, easier and cheaper.

Why manage your WFH provisioning with Hofy?

Cash stipend or expense
refund policy
Employees choose their own products
Automated spend reporting
Ability to manage spend per category
Asset tracking
Pre-approve products and approve orders in real time
Integrated DSE assessments
Integrated salary sacrifice model
Equipment guaranteed to be compliant with HSE and domestic fire safety regs
Employees do not have to be out-of-pocket for the company
Top-tier employee experience

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