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Home offices

Everything your teams need to stay productive.

Hofy’s curated range of products makes it easy for you to offer equipment that will fit employees’ homes, meet ergonomic requirements, and suit your budget.

Out-of-the-box home offices

Unlock office-level productivity in the home with Hofy. You can pre-approve products for your employees to choose from, and we’ll pre-assemble in our warehouse for quick, easy and risk-free setup.


Hofy-recommended products span office chairs, alternative seating, footrests, fixed desks and height-adjustable desks to help your team stay productive.


Hofy’s IT equipment spans from monitors, mice and keyboards to professional webcams, headsets and ring lights, for remote productivity and crisp video calls.

Internet connectivity

Provide your employees with the best possible connection, with WiFi range extenders, secure access points and 5G/4G hotspots.


Tick-off additional ergonomic requirements with task lights, desk risers and ergonomic accessories such as foot- and wrist-rests.

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