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Remote working management

Equip one employee or thousands, in just a couple of clicks.

Hofy’s remote working management platform is the quickest, easiest way to manage your remote working program.

Business admin platform

Manage everything, all in one place

View and manage everything

Manage your organisation and employee memberships all in one place. Define and edit multiple employee packages with Hofy.

Keep track of financials

Track and manage your spend on our dashboard and receive one simple, predictable bill at the end of each month.

Sort Health & Safety

Safeguard the wellbeing of your employees with home-working specific DSE self-assessments, virtual and in-person assessments, and our employee H&S reports.

Effortless integration

Onboard new hires with Hofy’s one-click workflows integrated with your HR platform, and redirect support tickets raised on the Hofy platform to your existing service desks.

Employee platform

Your remote working, all in one place

Choose equipment

Your employees can select products that suit their home, from Hofy’s curated range. Hofy’s platform also allows flexibility for your employees to request out-of-policy products and to upload their existing equipment to the Hofy platform.

Keep track of everything

Your employees can track your orders and deliveries, raise service requests and request product recoveries, all in one place.

Stay safe

Your employees can take enhanced DSE self-assessments and request follow-up consultations, all specifically designed for home working.
Coming soon: Employees can report H&S risks, near misses, and accidents so you can monitor everything in one place.

Flexible exit options

Your employees have the flexibility to purchase their equipment when they leave or to personally top-up their allowance to choose even better products that suit their home.

Home working expenses calculator

Coming soon: your employees can use the Hofy home-working expense self-assessment allowing you to refund their internet, electricity, heating, rent costs from their tax bill in a couple of clicks.

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Demo Hofy today to see how how much time, effort and money you could save equipping your remote workers globally.

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